Hofbrau Original – A classic style and highly drinkable “Helles” Lager. The clean, whole grain toast aromas follow through to a dry medium–‐to–‐full body with excellent balance of lightly honey malt and astringent citrus and earth accented hops on the finish. ABV = 5.1%


Hofbrau Dunkel Lager – The archetypical Bavarian Beer, a delicious dark amber lager with a rich dark copper color. Aromas and flavors of toasted pumpernickel, almond butter with medium to full body and cascade of cocoa, lemon and earthy hop notes with a sumptuous finish. ABV = 5.5% ABV


Hofbrau Hefeweizen – A refreshing and very quaffable Hefe with a fruity flavor, sparkling with rich foam. Aromas of banana bread, delicate citrus and spice notes that follow through on a crisp entry to a medium body with a good depth and a tangy wheatgrass, grain and citrus accented finish. ABV = 5.1%


Hofbrau Amber Marzen (Oktoberfest) The name derives from the fact that it was originally brewed in March, “German März.” It was brewed with more alcohol so it would last over the summer without spoiling. The use of Münchner malt (darker malt but not roasted) gives it the light amber color with a caramel and biscuit flavor with an intense hop aroma. ABV = 6.1%



Franconia Koelsch

A light golden, refreshing German beer that’s very popular in the mid-region of Germany. The Koelsch is brewed with two-row pale malt, malted wheat and Munich malt. The special ale yeast is used to give it a hint of citrus aroma and floral smell. The taste is light and refreshing with some citrus in the beginning and a nice dry hoppy finish with a little sweetness coming through at the end. This beer is perfect for all Texas’ seasons, and with its 4.8% ABV it’s easy to manage one more.


Franconia Wheat (Hefeweizen)

This is an original German Hefeweizen brewed with more than 50% malted wheat and original Bavarian wheat yeast. “A must try,” our traditional fermentation brings out an explosion of banana, orange and clove aromas and flavors! Also 4.8% ABV.


Franconia Oktoberfest

A German brewery without an Oktoberfest beer wouldn’t be ….well, German! Franconia’s Oktoberfest beer is brewed to exhibit an amber-colored Mearzen. Full body, malty and some German Hersbrucker hops make this 5% ABV beer the perfect celebration drink during the Oktoberfest season. This highly, sought after seasonal is available from Sept. 1 until it runs out.


Franconia Lager

Original German style lager brewed in a two tank system following German guidelines on aging at least 6 weeks. Light Golden Color. Fresh, smooth lightly hoped, with a nicely balanced malt sweetness.



Tupps Raspberry Shade (Wheat)

What could be more pleasant and more inviting than adding a touch of raspberry sweetness to our crisp and refreshing Texas Shade. This beer strikes the balance of a crisp light wheat with the robust character you expect from our wheat with the bright sweet fruit of the raspberry. ABV = 5.7%


TUPPS Day Off – Kolsch

German influenced light, yet flavorful ale. Brewed with pilsner and light Munich malts, the Tettnang hops lend a hint of spice while the light dusting of cherry wood smoked malt offers a subtle complexity that most won’t pick up on… Not your grandad’s light ale! ABV = 5.2%



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